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Dinosaur Park

The Dinosaur Park Wharton is a preserved natural area that consists of a collection of dinosaurs. The park is located in the town of Wharton, Texas. The park has a collection of more than 230 dinosaurs that have been collected from all over the world. The park is open to the public from 9 am to 5 pm daily.

1.72 miles away

20th Century Technology Museum

The 20th Century Technology Museum Wharton has been educating visitors about the amazing technological advancements of the 20th century. The Museum features more than 150 exhibit galleries, interactive exhibits, and a library that contains more than 10,000 books and articles about technology. Admission is free for all visitors.

Some of the most notable exhibits at the museum include "The History of Computers" which features the first computers developed in the early 20th century, "Pioneering Video Games" which highlights some of the earliest video games and how they changed society, and "The History of Telecommunications" which illustrates how telecommunications has evolved over the years. There are also special exhibits dedicated to such topics as space exploration, computer security, and global communication.

2.33 miles away

Seabourne Creek Nature Park

The Seabourne Creek Nature Park Wharton is a 164-acre nature reserve located in the Wharton district of Sydney. The park features a range of habitats, including rainforest, heathland, and coastal dunes. It is home to a variety of wildlife, including koalas, possums, echidnas, and kangaroos. The park is also popular for its walks and cycling trails.

23.47 miles away

Le Tulle Park

Le Tulle Park Wharton is a world-renowned private garden and event space in the heart of Philadelphia. The park is known for its stunning landscaped gardens and terraces, as well as its magnificent events space. The park is home to an impressive collection of art and sculpture, as well as over 200 varieties of trees and shrubs. The gardens are open daily from 7 am to sunset, and the event space can be rented for weddings, corporate functions, and more. The staff at Le Tulle Park Wharton are experts in event planning and are happy to help coordinate any special event you may wish to host.

24.72 miles away

Rosenberg Railroad Museum

The Rosenberg Railroad Museum Wharton is a museum located in Wharton, Texas that preserves railroad artifacts and memorabilia from the early days of the Texas oil industry. The museum also features exhibits on the history of the town and its relationship to railroading. The museum is open daily from Memorial Day through Labor Day, and during regular business hours on weekdays in October.

25.01 miles away

Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge

Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge Wharton is a refuge located in Wharton County, Texas. The refuge was established to protect the endangered Attwater prairie chicken. The refuge contains an extensive wetland system that supports a diversity of wildlife, including the federally threatened red-cockaded woodpecker. Visitors can explore the refuge's trails and watch for prairie chickens as they forage for food.

25.13 miles away

Matagorda Island Wildlife Management Area

The Matagorda Island Wildlife Management Area is a tract of land located on the northeast tip of Matagorda Island, Texas. The property is managed for the conservation and preservation of wildlife resources, including deer, turkey, quail, and other wild game. The WMA also contains a nature trail system that provides visitors with a variety of opportunities to view wildlife.

25.69 miles away

Riverside Park

Riverside Park Wharton is one of Philadelphia's most popular parks. With a variety of activities to keep you busy, it's the perfect place to spend a summer day. The park has a playground, a pond, and plenty of trails for hiking and biking. There are also several pavilions with picnic areas, and a basketball court. In the winter, Riverside Park Wharton is a great place to go sledding.

28.83 miles away

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